Now far ahead the Road has gone / And I must follow, if I can.

(c) Meghan Brunner, 2016

I’m sure there’s a Venn diagram somewhere with a big overlap between nerdy moms and blogger moms, but why not make the overlap just a bit bigger?

Herein, thou shalt find bits and pieces of things that made me laugh, things I found helpful, things I found tremendously unhelpful, and anything else that seems like it might those who happen upon my pages.

A bit about me:

My name is Meghan Brunner.

I’m a homeschooling mama of one five-year-old daughter whom I fondly call Podlet. We work at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival together (she’s been there since a week after her birth; I’ve been there since 1994).  I try to be a fun mom. Sometimes that works better than others. Mostly I want her to grow up to be all those awesome things one would hope to get as gifts from fairy godmothers, except without the actual fairy godmothers.

I’ve also written some books.

If you dig urban fantasy (set at Renaissance Faire, gosh, who would’ve seen that coming?) check out my Faire-Folk(R) fiction.

If you’d like to read my book of parenting humor, honesty, and haiku, check out Flailing in the Right Direction – available in .pdf, but the paperback version is great for any gift-giving occasion you can imagine </shameless plug>.

Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you’ll return soon!